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Columbus sailing under Spanish flag discovers New World
Leonardo da Vinci draws flying machine; Pope Alexander VI elected

Ponce de Leon discovers Florida, claims land for Spain
Balboa discovers Pacific Ocean; Pope Leo X elected

Pedro Menendez de Aviles founds the settlement of St. Augustine, celebration of first parish Mass in United States
Council of Trent ended two years earlier (1545 - 1563)

First Jesuit missionaries in St. Augustine, first Jesuit martyr in United States
Sulieman I dies, succeeded by Selim II as Sultan of Turkey

First Franciscan missionaries in St. Augustine
Work begun on Mexico City Cathedral (completed 1813)

Sir Francis Drake raids St. Augustine
Rebuilding of St. John Lateran in Rome

Nuestra Senora de la Soledad opened as first hospital in United States across from present-day Motherhouse of Sisters of St. Joseph
King Philip II of Spain dies, succeeded by Philip III

Franciscans open seminary, first school in United States
Jamestown, Virginia, first English settlement, founded two years later; Pope Leo XI elected

Settlement of St. Augustine celebrated 55th anniversary
English Pilgrims land at Plymouth Rock

Sisters of St. Joseph founded in Le Puy, France by Jean-Pierre Medaille, SJ
Harvard College granted charter

Work begun on Castillo de San Marcos (completed 1696)
English settlement of Charles Town (Charleston, South Carolina) founded; Clement X elected

First Catholic priests ordained in United States
John Milton, author of Paradise Lost, dies

"O'Reilly House" built from same materials as Castillo de San Marcos
Massachusetts absorbs Plymouth Colony; Pope Innocent XII elected

Governor James Moore of Carolina attacks St. Augustine, inhabitants seek refuge in Castillo de San Marcos, few buildings remain
French found settlement in Alabama

Captain Lorenzo Josef de Leon assumes ownership of "O'Reilly House"
Spanish Steps of Rome completed (1721 - 1725)

Michael (Miguel) O'Reilly born in County Longford, Ireland
Benjamin Franklin invents the lightning conductor

Seven Years' War Ends: Spain cedes Florida to British in exchange for return of Cuba

2004 Sisters of St. Joseph, St. Augustine, Florida