Local Landmarks
The "ancient city" of St. Augustine has been a favorite travel destination dating back to just after the American Civil War. Visitors and residents alike enjoy a look into the past. To accommodate those who have never been to St. Augustine or are now planning a trip, we have put together a photo gallery that shows the Father Miguel O'Reilly House "then and now," as early as 1870.

And even though the O'Reilly House and the Castillo de San Marcos are two of the few structures still standing that date from the First Spanish Period in St. Augustine, there are a number of structures in town that were here in 1867, the year the Sisters of St. Joseph taught their first class. Thanks to the St. Augustine Historical Society and Rev. Henry J. Morton, an Episcopal priest from Philadelphia who, during a visit that year, made several sketches in and around St. Augustine, there is a record of many of the landmarks that still exist. After viewing them, we think you'll agree with the adage, "the more things change the more they remain the same." To view the images, simply click on "Photo Gallery."

Coming soon is another page entitled, "Roll Call." This ambitious effort will list the names of people who have been associated with the O'Reilly House from the First Spanish Period to the present, including those who sign our Guest Book, in person or online. Among the names to be included are those who graduated from St. Joseph Academy from 1874 to 1956, the last year classes were still held in the O'Reilly House.

2004 Sisters of St. Joseph, St. Augustine, Florida